Stephanie Gorrell Ortega is an American who grew up in a good number of big cities in the United States. She graduated high school with the baccalaureate (Abitur) in West Germany, when that was a thing, and attended Mount Holyoke and the University of Texas, Austin, where she earned a doctorate in German literature and Women’s Studies. She has taught in German departments and programs in comparative literature at the Free University-Berlin; S.U.N.Y., Buffalo; the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg; Texas State University; and Concordia University Texas.

She is particularly interested in autobiographical fiction by women authors and uses an approach to reading from psychoanalysis that considers writers as readers and readers as participant subjects, object relations.
Austin is home; Freiburg is, too. She has a spouse, a child and a grandchild, and one cat.